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Spa Hours
We're open 7 days a week

Mon - Sat: 9:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Sunday: Noon - 5:30 PM

14902 Preston Rd # 510
Dallas, TX 75254
972-503-9953 | map

Walk-ins Welcome

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Botox Cosmetic Injections Coming Soon

Will be administered by our registered nurse, specially trained in Botox Cosmetic

Nail Services

$15 / Classic Manicure

$20 / Classic Manicure with Spa treatment

Spa Pedicure

$25 / session

Nail trimming, shaping and cuticle grooming with 10-minute massage and polishing

Lily Deluxe Pedicure

$30 / session

Nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, exfoliation with enzymes along with 15-minute massage of hot stones and hydrating treatment of Tropical Paradise lotion

Lily Signature Spa Pedicure

$35 / session

Includes all services offered in the Lily Deluxe Pedicure with the addition of an intensive callous treatment and green tea mask with hot towels

Manicure and Pedicure Combo

$35 / Regular

$45 / With Spa treatment

Polish Change


$5 - Hands

$8 - Feet

$8 - Acrylics


$7 - Hands

$10 - Feet


$25 - Regular full set

$30 - White tip full set

$40 - Solar nail full set

$17 - Regular fill

$18 - White tip fill

$30 - Solar nail fill

Other Services

$3 - Nail fix

$5 - Callous removal

$5 - Nail art design


$10 - Eyebrows

$5 - Lips

$10 - Chin

$35 - Face

$15 - Underarms

$25 - Half arms

$40 - Full arms

$35 - Half legs

$55 - Full legs

$75 - Full legs & bikini lines

$40 - Bikini

$45 - Brazillian

$40 - Back

$45 - Chest


$15 - Brow tint

$15 - Lash tint

$25 - Brow & lash tint

Mini Facial

$45 / 30 minutes

A great introduction to skin care! A mini facial, perfect for teens, will help balance, restore and cleanse adolescence skin.

European Facial

$60 / 50 minutes

A revitalizing treatment for people on the go. Cleansing, exfoliating and extraction along with facial massage and mask to refresh your skin.

Signature Lily Facial

$80 / 60 minutes

Experience the customized deep cleansing facial treatment designed to relax you while rejuvenating and hydrating your skin. This treatment includes alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes to nourish and hydrate the skin leaving it looking fresh.

Problem Skin Facial

$70 / 60 minutes

Focusing on exfoliation and extraction to cleanse the pores of dirt and oil. A combination of alpha hydroxy acids and disinfecting ingredients work synergistically to gently exfoliate dead cell build up, loosen clogged pores and fade post breakout marks. Leaving the skin feeling clean, clear and refreshed.

Lightening Fluor Oxygen C Treatment

$90 / 60 minutes

Restore youthful and beautiful complexion with the most advanced skin rejuvenating treatment that reduces hyperpigmentation, lightens age spots, minimizes surface wrinkles and evens skin tone. Based on scientific dermalogical formulations, Fluor Oxygen C treats photoaging, sun-damaged and hyperpigmented skin through an innovative combination of vitamins A, E and C, retinol and AHAs to lighten and rejuvenate the skin for long-term results.


$85 / 60 minutes

We prepare the skin with various enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids, followed by using crystals and suction to gently remove dead skin resulting in accelerated exfoliation. With a series of treatments, wrinkles, scars, discoloration, stretch marks become less noticeable.

Spots Removal

$75 / 15 minutes

Treatment of common minor skin conditions. We integrate the cutting edge probe treatment with a simple way of removing superficially and effectively a wide variety of skin problems including facial flaws such as: broken capillaries, fibromas, cholesterol deposits, clogged pores, skin tags. It is a noninvasive procedure with immediate result and minimum client discomfort.

Light Alpha Hydroxy Peel

$65 / session

This light, brightening and softening treatment is ideal for most skin types, especially dry, oily and mature skin. A great peel for improving skin tone, texture and clarity.

The Progressive Peel

$195 / session

A dramatic peel to remove the top layers of the skin. This peel accelerates the removal of impaction, blotchy skin, fine lines and rough spots. The stripping action stimulates new skin cells, promotes collagen and sloughs impacted pores. Expect significant improvement in texture, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and discolorations. Peeling can be expected to last 3-5 days.

Lily Dermaceuticals

Many different skin care products on the market are packaged elegantly with nice scents for the masses. Are they necessarily effective for the skin? This leaves us to search for products with high performance pharmaceutical ingredients that will achieve long-term results for the skin. Lily Dermaceuticals product offers the highest concentration of active ingredients with 95% success rate for acne, acne scarring, age management and skin lightening at an affordable price. We also offer a money back guarantee if you do not see a significant difference in your skin. Please come in for a complimentary consultation, and we look forward to analyzing your skin.